California Neurological and Spine Imaging Specialists is an exclusive center dedicated to imaging of the brain, neck and the spine.  At CNS Imaging Specialists, nested within Crown Valley Imaging, patients with complex neurological disorders are investigated by radiologists who specialize in neuroradiology.  Although most medical problems could be managed by a general practitioner, for complex diseases or in cases where medical testing has failed to establish a certain diagnosis, referral to specialists is often warranted.  Just as you see a cardiologist for your heart problems, for imaging of neurological disorders you should also seek expert opinion.  


Similar to other physicians, radiologists specialize by further fellowship training beyond residency. But unlike other specialists, in radiology there is no additional cost if your examination is interpreted by a specialist versus a general radiologist.  Therefore, it is of no surprise that more patients are seeking to have imaging performed at facilities where fellowship trained radiologists are available.  


There are several reasons why this is important.  Firstly, the imaging would be tailored for you.  Based on the type of abnormality, a customized imaging protocol is designed in advance by the neuroradiologist to address the needs of each individual.  Since each patient presents with a unique problem, a personalized approach is crucial in making accurate diagnoses.  Secondly, experienced and knowledgeable technicians acquire high resolution images utilizing sophisticated MRI and CT scanners. Third, the images are reviewed and interpreted by specialists who have further training in neuroradiology which typically involves at least one year of fellowship following completion of general radiology.  All these factors lead to accurate and timely diagnosis.  Instead of creating a long list of different possibilities or recommending a new study, we are often able to pinpoint the diagnosis confidently.  This enables your doctor to focus on treatment instead of ordering additional tests which could delaying timely therapy.   

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