Crown Valley Imaging has partnered with HeartLung to offer AutoBMD: a Bone Density Screening report that utilizes existing CT images with no additional scan time or radiation.

HeartLung.AI’s AutoBMD™ is the first FDA-approved, AI-powered, cloud-based tool that enables opportunistic bone mineral density (BMD) measurements from any CT scan of a patient’s chest or abdomen. This allows imaging centers to identify patients at risk of osteoporosis during CT scans ordered for other purposes, saving patients extra radiation and screening costs.

The AI-powered tool automatically extracts valuable information about bone health from existing CT scans, creating an osteoporosis screening report that is reimbursed by Medicare and private payers. This helps doctors quickly identify patients with accelerated bone loss who are at risk of fractures, even if they are unaware of their condition.

Take preventive actions, don’t delay!

Over 2 million Americans will break bones this year, yet 80% aren’t tested for this disease. One in 2 women, and one in 4 men over age 50 will break a bone from osteoporosis. The only way to prevent fracture is to detect it early.

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CT Osteoporosis Screening Program

Sample AutoBMD Report

AutoBMD Sample Report

AutoBMD Patient Brochure

AutoBMD Patient Brochure